Digital Dieting a major concern today.

30 Min = 1 Km

You must have watched TV ads (Commercials) on weight loss, normally it gets telecast late night. People who watch too much TV are aware so called pills, capsules, oils etc to reduce weight in few days… wonder how this can happen. However, it is business and crazy people are out there to believe in it.

I follow simple moong daal therapy (Mung Bean / Green gram)… No side effects, easy to cook, available, economic way of doing it. Yes, No consulting charges, the solution is totally free, so enjoy and reduce your weight.

Reducing weight is not the big challenge but the big challenge is how to get rid of the weight of data ? How to off all screens ?

I am talking about how to move from information obesity to intellectual fitness ?  YES, how to have a happy and healthy life with the balanced use of Gadgets like cell phones, Television, laptops, Tabs, iPods etc….

Technology is made by and for Human, Humans are not made by technology !!!

Especially in the case of teenage obesity is big issue it also affects their study, habits, and social circle. Few parents allow their loved ones to watch TV or play games on the smartphone so that they get time for themselves.

Parents continuously busy with the smartphone of TV also leave a bad impact on children. Frequent technological up gradation has driven us to such a level where we have lost the balance of happy life.

Below Video can give you more information on digital weight we are carrying today.

At we arrange field trips, digital detoxing camp, Games, social gatherings, Nature camps, Visit to holy places, Meditation camps etc. Such activities help a lot to digitally addicted people. They feel awesome and understand the difference between the virtual world and real world.

I would like to share a simple step to initiate digital dieting. 30 Min = 1 Km…

YES, if you plan to use smartphones for 15 min then first walk for 1 km. Every time when you want to use your smartphone, social media, laptop etc balance that with above formula use it for 30 min and compensate that with 1 km of a simple walk. Try this simple yet very effective and wonderful idea to balance your life.

You can also avoid very harmful and dangerous health situation by balancing your usage of gadgets. China is on the top with a very highly digitally addicted community in the world.

Start today by executing your digital dieting plan and set an example for your family, friends, neighbor, and the world

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